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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I’m Kristin van der Poel, Licensed and Board Certified Counselor and Founder of Venture Into Connection where we strive to reawaken, restore, and reconnect your individual, couple, and family relationships.  I have known, for as long as I can remember, that we are wired for connection, and our early attachments to our primary caregivers are where our journey on how we connect with others begins.  

Kristin van der Poel, Venture Into Connecton

I started my venture into understanding the mind and relationships as an undergraduate at the University of Colorado in Boulder where I obtained my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology with a minor in Women’s Studies.  My time spent at the university, and continued interest in psychology, sparked over a decade of work in the human services and mental health fields before deciding to continue on to get my Master’s Degree in Counseling. 

I joined the Couples and Family Track at the University of Colorado in Denver to get a better understanding of how couple and family systems work, and how to help dismantle them when these systems get “stuck.”  In fact, I had a series of struggles in my own family and romantic relationships, and I wanted to learn more on a personal level as well.  I received my Masters Degree, and quickly joined a group practice where my focus was primarily on couples.  My devotion for this field and helping couples, individuals, and families find their way has only grown stronger, and after years of training and growth specific to the counseling field I decided to create Venture Into Connection.

At A Glance
  • Master's Degree in Counseling

    • University of Colorado in Denver

    • Couples and Family Track

    • Internship with Dr. Terry Levy at the Evergreen Psychotherapy Center, Attachment Treatment and Training Institute

  • Bachelor's Degree

    • University of Colorado in Boulder​

    • Major in Psychology

    • Minor in Women's Studies

  • Licensed Professional Counselor

  • Marriage and Family Therapy Candidate

  • Nationally Certified Counselor

  • Member of AAMFT - American Association for Marriage and Family Therapy

  • Member of ICEEFT - The International Centre for Excellence in  Emotionally Focused Therapy

  • Completed Emotionally Focused Therapy Externship and Core Skills

  • Former Boulder Community for Emotionally Focused Therapy Steering Committee Member

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