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At Venture Into Connection we use Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT), an empirically based, attachment-focused, culturally inclusive model, to help restore and reawaken couple, individual, and family relationships.  EFT, developed by Dr. Sue Johnson and colleagues, is a structured approach that has been proven effective and has been validated by over twenty years of empirical research.  We believe that understanding our early and adult attachments, as well as our relationships patterns and interactional cycles, can move us from a place of suffering and anguish to recovery. 

Venture Into Connecton, Lafayette, CO
Couples Counseling

Do you identify with the couple here?  Do you find that you and your partner are fighting about the same concerns over and over again without any resolution and can’t seem to get out of the negative cycle?

Have you experienced a betrayal in the relationship, and are wondering how you’re going to build back trust, intimacy, and emotional connection?

Are you and your partner drifting apart and realizing that you’re spending more time alone than together; “living separate lives in one household”?  Perhaps you feel you and your partner have lost touch of how it felt to work as a team and are more “like roommates.”  

Do you often feel unheard or unseen by your partner and you’re wondering if you would be better apart than together?

If you have asked yourself any of these questions, you may be feeling hopeless, stuck,  frustrated and unsure of how to move forward.  You may be finding yourself feeling resentful and noticing that you’re reacting strongly when you and your partner do sit down and make attempts at resolving some of the conflict.  

You may be feeling, “we just can’t get on the same page about the basic things,” and “he/she/they does not understand or care about me.”

Every couple has a unique cycle, and although they feel endless, and extraordinarily painful and discouraging, these negative conflict patterns are fairly common in couple relationships.  All couples experience difficulties, roadblocks, and feelings of being stuck at times, and learning to understand and unravel the patterns that are specific to your relationship can be helpful in healing, strengthening, and reawakening the bond. 

At Venture Into Connection, we use an evidence-based model to help our couples discover how to identify and shift their negative interactional cycle and to enable them to restore trust, closeness, and intimacy.  If you have any questions or would like to know more about us and how we can help couples like you, let’s connect

Venture Into Connecton Couples Counseling
For Couples
For Individuals

Have you been feeling lost, overwhelmed, without direction, and have been struggling with finding your way?

Perhaps you have noticed that you’ve been disconnecting from your loved ones, isolating, and that your constant worrying has contributed to the ending of important relationships?

Venture Into Connecton, Counseling For Couples

You may have experienced a recent loss or betrayal and want some help getting back on your feet?  You may have noticed a decrease in self-confidence and connection to yourself. 

Are you noticing an increase in anxiety or depressive-like symptoms that are keeping you from experiencing joy and fulfillment, and/or are interfering with everyday life?

Are you longing for relief, and are wondering how to move forward?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you are not alone.  Many of us are struggling with what life brings, and are trying to find direction, balance, and peace in the world we live in.  Counseling can be one avenue to find your way with the help of another.  

We at Venture Into Connection want to give you a safe place to reawaken your relationship with yourself and others by using a variety of approaches including cognitive-behavioral therapy, mindfulness techniques, and Emotionally Focused Therapy. Let’s connect.  

For Individuals
Venture Into Connecton, Counseling For Families
Counseling for Families with Teens

Do you find you and your teen going head to head, and you’re wondering how you lost the connection you once had? 

Are you becoming frustrated with the dynamics in the family, and are having a difficult time setting boundaries with your teen?  

Are you getting triggered by your teen’s behaviors and catch yourself reacting strongly rather than connecting meaningfully?  

Would you like to learn more about how to bring your family back together and create harmony in your home instead of contention?

At Venture Into Connection we work together to identify the particular dynamics that are showing up in the family system, giving the parent, the teen, and all involved a voice, and improving balance, emotional safety, and unity within the family.  Let’s connect.

For Families
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